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Index Corporation Ltd is an international recruitment and employment agency, holding recruiting license number RL-1195 and based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Company has been established in 2013. It is also a proud member of trade related association BAIRA (Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies). Our team offers high quality services to provide the best outcomes in the recruitment and employment of personnel from a diverse set of business sectors.


In spite of numerous recruitment agencies in Bangladesh, ICL realized that there is a need for a professionally managed recruitment agency to bridge the gap between opportunities and the opportunity seekers; and thus the company came into existence. The company's overall stance has been to go-all-out for excellence and thus become the principal source of competitive, efficient and reliable human resource solutions provider. The esteemed position, wherein ICL is held nowadays, bears the testimony to the measure of success that the employer has been capable of achieving through the years.


Index Corporation Ltd is a team of experts with many years’ experience in the comprehensive support of companies, institutions and other units in the public and private sector in the area of selection and recruitment of qualified personnel.